Why is the EasySleep One so cheap?


No expensive TV commercials


No high profit margin


No expensive showrooms


No army of salesmen

Personalised sleeping comfort

The EasySleep One combines two different comforts in one mattress. Turn your mattress the way you want and enjoy sleeping comfort without a fuss.

Turn the EasySleep One upside down and alternate between a medium and a firm feeling.

Sleeping should be EASY!


1 mattress, 2 sides

Just turn it around


120 night’s trial

& a 10-year warranty



Delivered in 2 days!


Easy fits all

Perfect for everyone


Made in Belgium

& a large stock!

What do EasySleepers think?

“Fast delivery and even faster to install! Great quality for a low price! I love it!”

Célestine S.

“The two different sides are awesome! You can really feel the difference!”

Louis D.

“I love the way it’s packaged. What I love even more is that you have the option to choose between firm and medium. All in 1 mattress!”

Sandra H.

“Good mattress. Good support. The handles make it easy to change between medium and firm support.”

John C.

Want to try before buying?

Visit our partners Sleepworld or Sleepy to test the EasySleep One in-store..

Will you become an EasySleeper too?